So what makes PTO different?

Parent Teacher Online sets the standard in the world of parent-teacher booking software. First to market and leader of the pack, PTO prides itself on its flexibility, making it the most comprehensive booking system for parent teacher interviews.

The Benefits of Booking Teacher Interviews Online

Like most online booking sites, PTO:

  • Gives perpetual, direct access to teacher parent interviews.
  • Allows immediate real-time management overview and reporting.
  • Totally removes any back and forth between teachers, students and parents.
  • Eliminates double-booking of teachers or parents – cancellations and re-booking can be done anytime.
Parent Teacher Online is used effectively across the globe with over 10 million school interviews booked through the system. Parent Teacher Online provides maximum flexibility for schools and keeps the process for parents, teachers and administration staff effortless. Parent Teacher Online is the most comprehensive booking system for parent teacher interviews.
Schools increasingly need to be security conscious with all student information. Australian law states that if a student is specifically named as a protected person in an AVO, confirmation of enrolment must not be given to strangers by the school. With many online booking systems, information that is being entered via the internet by the school is simply not secure. Potentially, anyone could sign up as a parent of a specific student to investigate whether they are enrolled there. With most other systems, should someone know the child’s name and parents email address, they are able to access the system and view appointments. PTO maintains the highest level of Internet Security available. This means that any data entered into the system is 99.99999% protected—the same level of protection used by banks and big business.

Also for Queensland state schools CountryNet Software Pty Ltd is accredited and has a current SOA. This DETESOA-101644

PTO prides itself on making an interview booking system that is the simplest and fastest for parents and teachers to use. Admin staff upload all relevant information from the school database into PTO. The system operates well with minimum input, although schools may modify many aspects of the system to suit their needs. Parent Teacher Online has a Help Desk team dedicated to answering any questions and assist schools in any way possible. Our Help Desk can be accessed by phone or email. Simple!
Schools maintain total control of all their data with PTO. Teachers and parents access PTO through school intranet or website links. Additionally, admin staff may modify the system to suit their needs, and all information related to each interview round is archived for future reference. Statistics may be viewed using graphs and tables to compare interview rounds, and investigate booking trends within the school. Admin staff may even determine those parents who have neglected to attend interviews over several years.
While most school interview booking sites provide limited technical support, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. Email queries are answered within 24 hours, and our Help Desk team provide prompt phone support. Parent Teacher Online will ensure your school interview process is stress free!
While most online systems make you conform to their structure, our school interview booking system adapts to your needs! Parents can switch between an automatic mode (which organises a timetable for you) and manual mode (which provides greater control over the booking process). Parents may choose whether to save, print or export the appointment/s directly to their calendar or smart phone. Schools can modify the online system to suit their needs. Schools can change terminology used on the system, messages to parents, interview lengths, break times for teachers, and much more!
The hours required to organise school interviews by teachers and administration staff are extensive and costly. Additionally, there is the hassle of organising schedules suitable for both teachers and parents. PTO offers parents, teachers and administration staff a stress free, simple approach to organising interviews and we calculate that the system more than pays for itself the first time it is used!

To ensure a stress-free booking system, CountryNet provides unlimited FREE support in establishing and maintaining PTO in your school. Our online booking system allows complete access for multiple interview rounds throughout the year. Primary Schools have a fixed yearly fee with access to unlimited bookings, unlimited students and unlimited access to the Help Desk. Customised packages for High Schools are available that allow schools to conduct parent teacher interviews with ease. Contact Us to discover the most cost effective package for your school.