Terms and Conditions – EQ Schools ONLY

1. Parent Teacher Online (PTO) is offered to you by CountryNet Software Pty Ltd. Your use of PTO constitutes your agreement to these terms and conditions in addition to the terms and conditions of the SOA..

2. In consideration of PTO providing access to certain Confidential Information (via admin login) of the software service, Intellectual Property and Expertise, this information and access to such files is to be kept strictly confidential. You agree not to use, transmit, print or copy any information save for training purposes.

3. PTO will provide an SLA according to industry standards and conditions to 99.99% of server uptime.

4. PTO offers a money back satisfaction guarantee to any client who at the end of their first round is unsatisfied with the performance of the product/service. Both the registration fee and any usage fees will be refunded.

5. PTO accepts no responsibility for the quality of the data supplied. It is the client’s responsibility to provide PTO with accurate and up to date data.

6. Client information collected by each party will be retained or disposed in accordance with the requirements of the client or any other statutory requirements. PTO retains all archived information indefinitely unless otherwise directed.

7. These terms and conditions will succeed for two years after the completion of services provided.