About the PTO mobile app

You can find the free PTO app on the apple app store and the google play store.

The app is only for parents to make, change and view bookings. There are no teacher or administrator functions – these are only available in the browser version of PTO.

After installing the app and running it for the first time it will ask you to select your region. This helps the app find your school faster.


Most of the screens in the app have a help button at the top.


You can use the web version of PTO or the PTO app, or even both. Both connect to our secure central server where your bookings are stored. If you change bookings on one of these (e.g. web PTO), the other one (e.g. your phone with the PTO app) won’t see the changes until you refresh. The only time you might see a difference is if your mobile device cannot connect to the server (because it has no wi-fi or data connection). In this case, the mobile device will display your bookings as it last saw them. This is a feature of the design that allows you to see your bookings on your phone even if it has no data connection.


Adding your school

You need to add your school using its 5-character school code which you will find at the end of your school’s unique PTO link (.com.au?school=*****). The code is NOT case sensitive. Be careful that the code isn’t changed by your device’s auto-correct as you enter it.


You can add more schools if you have children at more than one school and the schools use PTO.


Logging In

After adding your school, tap it to go to the login screen.


When entering your login details take care that your device’s auto-correct doesn’t change them.

When you run the app later, it will bypass the login screen for this school if your login details are still valid.

You will need your username and PIN or password to log in. Your username is usually your surname but your school has the option to configure its PTO system with different types of usernames for parents. Most schools allow you to retrieve your login details by entering your email address on the login screen, and this can be done in the app just it can be on the web version of PTO. You will need to have access to your inbox on your device or on your computer to read the email that’s sent to you. The email address you enter must match the email address that the school has put into PTO from its records for you. If the email address option is not shown, your school should have provided you with details or instructions for logging in. If you can’t get your login details via email and you don’t have any other information or instructions, please contact your school for help.

For Education Queensland (EQ) schools, you may need to register yourself, just as you do in the web version of PTO. This is a requirement of EQ and must be done for each new set of interviews held by your school. Click the “Register for use” link at the bottom to register.


If your school has enabled a security code for registration you will need to enter this as part of your registration. This code, if enabled by your school, prevents unwanted registrations being made by people who are not really connected with the school. The code should have been communicated to you by your school, so if you don’t have it, please contact them. After you finish your registration PTO sends your PIN to the email address you provided so once you have received that you can return to the login screen to log in.

Making Bookings

After entering your login details correctly, if you don’t have any bookings you will see the “automatic mode” booking screen. This allows you to make bookings using a simple 3-step process where you select your starting time, the classes you wish to book, and then confirm the bookings.


If you already have bookings when you log in using the app, you will see those bookings on the screen in “manual mode”. Any classes NOT booked will also be shown underneath your booked classes. You can swipe bookings left or right to cancel, change or set a reminder. You can swipe unbooked classed to make a new booking.


In both manual and automatic modes you might see an exclamation mark next to some classes. This means that the teacher has recommended that you make a booking for that class.

You may also see a switch near the top of the class list for leaving gaps between bookings. This may appear in both manual and automatic modes, but only if your school has used this setting. It may also be locked ON if your school has set it that way. If this switch is showing and isn’t locked ON, you can change it as you prefer to ensure (or not) that your bookings are not made back-to-back, sp that you have enough time to get from one interview to the next. If the switch is ON and you can’t get the times you need, by switching it OFF you may be able to book a better time even though it is consecutive with another booking.

You can switch between manual and automatic modes using the menu button near the top right of the screen.


Coming back to the app

The app securely stores your login details for each school you log in to so that next time you run the app you only have to tap the school to view or change your bookings. This will even work between different interview events (e.g. term 1 and term 3) but only if your school ensures that your login details in PTO stay the same between those events. Many schools use PTO’s random 5-digit pin feature to assign parent PINs each time there is a new interview event and if this the case you will need to obtain your login details via email or as instructed by your school for the new event.

Logging out

You can log out of your school in the PTO app by clicking the menu near the top right of the screen and clicking the logout button. This removes your stored login details and your bookings for that school, if any, from the app. If you do this, you will need to log in again if you want to view or change your bookings.

Removing a school from the school list

If you want to remove a school from the school list, simply swipe it to the left and confirm by clicking the delete button.